Are you busy chasing your dreams?

We all have dreams that we are chasing…

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

When we are chasing dreams, it implies that they are running away from us.

The dream needs us. It needs a physical vessel to channel it from dream and concept into the physical plane. Without us, it remains stuck in a theoretical space.

Everything I have dreamed of lives in my dream because it too, wants to see the light of day, that’s why it’s been shown to me.

  1. Settle into my body.
  2. Feel into all my senses what it will be like having my dream and I in loving and co-creative union with each other.
  3. Enhance the feelings, supercharge them, amp them up to the next level.
  4. See the merging and melding of my consciousness with my dream’s consciousness.
  5. Release it to the Universe, my guides and angels with love and the knowledge that it’s on it’s way to meet me in Divine Timing — that, or something better.



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